$ 101,000 Crypto-Images – Discover the NFT Cryptocurrency Hype!


Crypto-art on blockchain – You probably know that decentralized finance allows you to earn interest on all kinds of cryptocurrencies, even other assets. It is now also possible to farm unique works of art (in the form of NFT tokens). One of these art tokens even sold for $ 101,000.

Tired of harvesting potatoes or sushi? Switch to works of art!

The yield farming (literally „commercial agriculture“ ) is the new explosive fashion decentralized finance (DeFi). Between the sweet potato of YAM and the sushi of SushiSwap , there is quickly enough to make an indigestion of wobbly projects .

The site dontbuymeme.com allows to change some ideas, because if there is still question of harvest – the pineapples (Pineapple) in this case – is to be able to buy non-expendable chips (NFT) of collectible cards and works of art .

By putting MEME tokens into play in the site’s cash pools, “art farmers” will, for example, be able to collect collectable works (in the form of NFTs) by artist Sven Eberwein (below).

Huge potential for NFT works?

If the idea of ​​putting your cryptos into play to collect these art tokens makes you smile or hallucinate, know that it is a normal reaction. Yet it can potentially pay off big , very big.

In practice, the amount can be up to 6 digits . For example, the artwork “ Right Place & Right Time ” by artist Matt Kane saw his NFT token sell for 262 ethers , or $ 101,000 .

Exhibited on the Async Art site , this work of art has the particularity of changing its appearance once every day depending on the price evolution of the volatility of the Bitcoin (BTC) pair against the US dollar. Only the one who has the NFT (the Master) token can consult.

The changing artwork „Right Place & Right Time“ by Matt Kane – Source: async.art
Launched in February 2020, the art gallery Async Art has already seen digital works of art traded for $ 500,000 .