Do Kwon Secures Bail Release: Montenegro Court Grants $457,000


• Montenegro court grants bail to Do Kwon at $457,000.
• Court imposed a measure forbidding Kwon from leaving his apartment.
• Bail agreements aim to discourage Kwon from escaping during the ongoing criminal proceedings.

Do Kwon Secures Bail Release from Montenegro Court

Court Grants Bail at $457,000

Montenegro court has accepted bail of $457,000 for Korean entrepreneur and alleged criminal Hyung Do Kwon. Upon payment of this amount, the defendant is to be released.

Measures Implemented in Lieu of Custody

In addition to the bail, the court also imposed a measure forbidding Kwon from leaving his apartment as a substitute for custody. The bail guarantees compliance with the imposed supervision which will be monitored by police regularly.

Prosecution Objections

The prosecution representative objected to the proposal, claiming that the offered amount does not guarantee the presence of the defendant and that he has no interest in staying on Montenegro’s territory. However, despite these objections, it was deemed that this would have a sufficiently discouraging effect on Kwon preventing any attempts to escape.

Kwons Financial Circumstances

During the main hearing on May 12th, Kwon provided details of his financial circumstances including property worth several million dollars and pledged not to hide until the end of criminal proceedings. He must also respond regularly to court summons and remain available at address provided by defense attorney.


The court determined that offering high bail value along with surveillance measures would discourage Kwom from escaping during ongoing criminal proceedings and ensure his presence in court when required.