Golteum Revolutionizes Precious Metals Tokenization Through Chainlink BUILD


• Golteum has joined the Chainlink BUILD program, a move that promises to reshape the landscape of digital asset tokenization.
• Leveraging Chainlink’s technology and Golteum’s platform, users can securely and efficiently trade and own precious metals on the blockchain.
• Golteum will make 4% of its total native token supply available to Chainlink service providers, including stakers.

Golteum Joins Chainlink BUILD

Golteum , a groundbreaking platform at the intersection of precious metals and cryptocurrency trading, has joined the Chainlink BUILD program. This effort aims to leverage Chainlink’s industry-leading technology and Golteum’s innovative approach to empower users with a secure, transparent, and efficient solution for trading and owning precious metals on the blockchain.

Merging Precious Metals & Cryptocurrency

Golteum and Chainlink share a common vision of merging the inherent value of precious metals with the transformative potential of blockchain technology. Supported by Chainlink, a leading provider of decentralized oracle networks, Golteum aims to enhance its platform’s capabilities in terms of pricing data accuracy, real-time validation, and security.

Building A Secure Investment Platform

Golteum is built on the robust Ethereum blockchain infrastructure which guarantees integrity of transactions by leveraging advanced cryptographic techniques. This provides investors with a secure and transparent investment opportunity while protecting their investments from fraudulent activities.

Making Tokens Available To Service Providers

In return for joining Chainlink BUILD, Golteum will make 4% of its total native token supply available to Chainline service providers such as stakers. This incentivizes them to use their expertise in order to further grow the platform’s capabilities within the tokenized precious metals industry.

Golteums Market Outlook As It Launches