Must-Have XRP in Your Crypto Portfolio: Says Ben Armstrong



• Ben Armstrong, a popular crypto analyst and influencer recently shared his thoughts on the XRP Army, the Ripple lawsuit, and his crypto portfolio advice.
• He showed his support for the XRP Army and asked creative individuals to create something XRP-related that can be placed on the Bitboy Crypto set.
• He believes that Ripple v. SEC lawsuit is nearing its end, but he is unsure whether Gary Gensler would easily settle it or not. He also recommends adding Cardano (ADA) and XRP in every portfolio as they have high potential.

Supporting the XRP Army

In a recent video, the well-known crypto analyst and influencer Ben Armstrong recently shared his thoughts on the XRP Army, the Ripple lawsuit, and his crypto portfolio advice. He emphasized the importance of this community in supporting the XRP project and even went as far as saying that he loves supporting them more than he loves supporting XRP itself. To show his appreciation for their work, Ben called on creative individuals to come up with something unique related to XRP that can be placed on display permanently in Bitboy Crypto set.

Ripple v. SEC Lawsuit

Ben shared his thoughts on Ripple v. SEC lawsuit and its potential impact on crypto industry if it settles or not. He believes that case is nearing its end but Gary Gensler could ruin everything if he decides to classify every cryptocurrency as security based on outcome of this case. Moreover, if court decides that Ripple isn’t a security then momentum of SEC could be stopped forever which would benefit entire industry greatly according to him.

Crypto Portfolio Advice

To provide portfolio advice at end of video Ben suggested having Bitcoin & Ethereum as basics of any portfolio along with Cardano (ADA) & XRP which have great potential according to him & should be included for sure in any good portfolio design by investor seeking profits from market movements in future timespan .    


  Overall Ben gave good insight into current situation & provided well thought out tips for those looking to build their own portfolios . It will definitely help investors make better decisions when it comes to choosing projects & coins they want to invest into .