Revolutionizing Investing: Conglomerate Capital Launches Token Presale

-The Conglomerate Capital is launching a token presale event with a goal of USD 2.5 million.
-The TCC and CONG ecosystem is the first to develop governance and investing features to lead and safeguard investors.
-AI-built video created by the team helps investors to navigate through the project.

The Conglomerate Capital, the project that was able to attract investments from prominent capitalists and blockchain-companies backers last year, is launching its token presale event on January 16th with a goal of USD 2.5 million. The presale event is expected to quickly reach its goal due to the founders‘ experiences in the industry.

The world is quickly changing and becoming more decentralized as digital technologies become increasingly popular. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), blockchain, DeFi, web 3.0, and cryptocurrencies are all gaining traction in the market. To make the most of these new technologies and ensure that society benefits from them, the Conglomerate Capital has developed a unique web3, BEP20 blockchain-based investment and funding platform, governed by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

Through the CONG token, investors will be able to access Venture Capital and Private Equity opportunities, which were previously only available to VC and PE funds. This platform will enable disruptive startups as well as SME businesses to raise capital, allowing retail investors around the world to benefit from the same market opportunities as the big players.

In order to make the platform easier to use, the TCC team has created an AI-built video that helps investors navigate through the project. This video will provide investors with an in-depth overview of the platform and its features. Additionally, the TCC and CONG ecosystem is the first and only platform to develop governance and investing features to lead and safeguard investors through the adoption and use of new market features and to rely on the knowledge of experienced venture capitalists.

The Conglomerate Capital is set to revolutionize the world of finance and investing, by providing access to outstanding market opportunities to retail investors. The token presale event is just the beginning of the project, and the team is confident that it will reach its goal of USD 2.5 million.

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