Shiba Inu Creator Drops Hint About Launch Date, Fans Speculate

• Shytoshi Kusama, creator of the meme currency Shiba Inu, recently dropped a hint about the launch date of Shibarium, sparking speculation among SHIB investors.
• However, Kusama has refrained from specifying an exact launch date, making some investors uneasy.
• Presently, SHIB’s value is just above $0.0000120 and its daily RSI is around 50, indicating no clear trend.

Shytoshi Kusama Drops Hint About Shibarium Launch Date

Shytoshi Kusama, creator of the renowned meme currency Shiba Inu (SHIB), recently dropped another enigmatic hint regarding Shibarium’s availability, sparking diverse interpretations among SHIB army enthusiasts. Kusama disclosed that the network’s components would begin to emerge before May via one of the Shiba Inu community channels.

Uncertainty On The Rise

However, the mood regarding the impending launch of Shibarium appears divided with many investors dissatisfied with Kusama’s ambiguous hints. In response to the criticism, Kusama stated that Shibarium’s release is not a simple switch and therefore cannot have an exact date.

SHIB Price Analysis

SHIB’s value has been in steady decline since reaching its peak of $0.0000157 on February 4th. Before this drop a negative divergence in daily RSI was forming and currently SHIB’s price is just above $0.0000120 which has alternated between support and opposition over last six months. The daily RSI is around 50 indicating no clear trend yet for SHIB price action in near future.

Potential Impact Of Shibarium Launch On SHIB Price

The release of Shibarium could potentially mark a notable change in price action for Shiba Inu as it may introduce numerous new use-cases and increase liquidity for SHIB token holders while reducing transaction fees associated with ERC-20 transfers on Ethereum blockchain due to layer-two scaling solution being implemented by team behind the project.


As we await further updates from Kusama regarding official launch date of Shibarium network we can only speculate what impact this highly anticipated layer-two blockchain will have on SHIB price action but considering current state of market sentiment it may be difficult for prices to recover without significant news or developments related to project at hand so stay tuned!

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