Top ZK Altcoins to Bet on This Alt-Season: Get Ready for Big Gains!

• The article discusses the increasing popularity of Zero-Knowledge coins, such as Polygon (MATIC), Immutable X (IMX), and Mina.
• It also looks at how crypto users are bridging millions to ZK-based blockchain networks in the hope of receiving free tokens in an airdrop.
• Lastly, the article provides tips for off-ramping crypto, such as selling on Coinbase and transferring to PayPal.

Top ZK Altcoins to Bet This Alt-Season

Popularity of Zero-Knowledge Coins

Zero-Knowledge, or ZK, coins are gaining more and more attention in the crypto world. Bitboy Crypto’s Ben Armstrong recently shared his top picks for ZK coins by market cap. The first coin on the list is Polygon (MATIC), which has seen a significant increase in price recently. Immutable X (IMX) also had an impressive week with 33% growth. Mina is another ZK coin favored by big money according to a Bitcoin whale. Optimism is another high rated project that uses ZK rollups but can be complicated to explain compared to other projects.

Bridge Millions to Receive Free Tokens in Airdrop

Crypto users are bridging millions to ZK-based blockchain networks in the hope of receiving free tokens in an airdrop. Over $8 million has been bridged within one week alone. DeFi users have developed strategies such as bridging two networks or providing liquidity on decentralized exchanges in order to claim these tokens when they become available. Data from DeFi Llama reveals that the total value locked into Zigzag exchange increased from $1.5 million up to $13 million within one week due to these activities.

Moon Math & Tools for Crypto Users

Armstrong recommends tools like Defi Llama and Coin Perspective for crypto users who want do moon math or track what’s rising and declining amongst cryptocurrencies quickly and easily. He also shares some tips for off-ramping crypto such as selling on Coinbase then transferring money via PayPal into your bank account; this method is safer than transfer directly from Coinbase and has lower fees than other off-ramp methods too.

Shift Away From Other Chains Towards ZK Networks

With confirmation of arbitrary airdrops, farming activity will shift away from other chains towards ZK based networks; those who have completed Arbitrum process will be looking for new prospects hoping it could yield more free tokens just like Zigzag did with its airdrop earlier this month..


Zero Knowledge coins are quickly gaining traction amongst cryptocurrency enthusiasts; their potential benefits outweigh any misinterpretation of their concepts, despite being visually less appealing than regular projects such as DeFi protocols etc.. With new developments coming out every day about these projects, it appears that we may soon see them gain even more momentum going forward!

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